Cutting a Two Part Bird & Branch Stencil

I decided to do another set of stenciled postcards. This time, they were for a winter swap, so I came up with a very simple design.


My two part stencil allows me to paint branches in one color, and birds in another. Here’s a very poor quality video, downloaded from Periscope, which shows the edited process of the stencils being cut and tested:

If you’d like to give your own bird and branch postcards a try, here’s the pattern, designed to fit on a 4×6 card.

12 Stenciled Skull Stickers


I recently joined a swap for some slap stickers. Slaps are large stickers, designed to be slapped onto road signs, buildings, ads, and other items in public spaces, as a form of graffiti. They’re generally created on the free stickers offered by mailing services, like the large Priority Mail stickers offered at the post office.

I happened to be gifted with a whole roll of large, 4×6 inch UPS stickers. I like these, because unlike the Priority Mail stickers, they have just a tiny bit of unobtrusive printing on one short end, which can easily be covered.

Here’s how the stickers went together:

A video lesson on how to cut the two part skull stencil is posted here.

Cutting a Two Part Skull Stencil


I love cutting my own stencils, and creating stencil designs that produce complex images.

In this video lesson, I’ll show you how to cut a two part stencil, designed to layer colors over each other to produce a finished image.

If you’d like to give this two part stencil a try, here’s a .PDF file with the same design shown in the video. It’s sized to fit on a standard 4 x 6 inch postcard. I simply printed mine out on some white cardstock, and it was ready to cut.

A speed-through video of how the finished skull stickers went together is posted here.

Making Stencils With Paper Punches


While I was working on some pieces with stenciled floral backgrounds, one of my Patreon patrons asked me about the stencils, which were obviously handmade. I make my own floral stencils from paper punches, because I have a large selection of them, and they were expensive, so I’m always trying to come up with new things to do with them to justify the expense.

I made this video to show how I made the stencils for the piece above:

I use old file folders, because that’s what I have a lot of. You can easily make your own stencils using any stable material that won’t disintegrate or bleed when paint is applied. Those of you who have die cut machines could make them from stencil plastic, which isn’t punchable with paper punches.

Stencils & Masks

Stencils and masks allow you to apply your own patterns to pages, in the colors of your choosing. They’re great for breaking up solid sections, or layering over each other to create depth.

First, some stencil and mask basics:

stencil-lowresThis piece was created almost entirely with stencils. The Frida stencil is hand cut; the background flower stencils were punched using paper punches; the letter and rose stencils are purchased, and the lines were added using tape. Watch the video below to see how it went together:

When the piece is viewed in person, there are places where you can see all the way down to the first text page layer. That’s some serious transparent layering!

More Stencils & Masks in Action


This piece was also made almost completely with stenciling. The Poe and crow figures are hand cut; the lettering stencils were purchased; the background texture is done using sequin waste as a stencil.


This set of altered book pages was done using a hand cut positive and negative mask. I simply cut the contour of the profile down the center of a piece of manila file folder, to create a positive and negative, and used the two pieces to block in the faces. I think I show this mask set in the first video, at the top of the page.


This set of altered book pages is made using a mask. I painted the page pink, and then used gesso around the mask to get the pink figure. Then, I traced around the mask, slightly offset, with a black pen.

I teach an online class at Ten Two Studios, all about stenciling. Check out Quick Stenciled Pages to learn how to cut and use your own stencils.