March 12, 2018

Art Journal Flip Through

Here’s a flip through of a sweet little quotation journal, from Mansi:

More of Mansi’s work can be seen on Instagram.

March 8, 2018

Women in Art

Today is International Women’s Day.

Women have traditionally been under-represented in the study of art, and in the art world in general. In celebration of International Women’s Day, here are some folks to follow to bump up your women’s art knowledge:

Follow #WOMENSART on Twitter, for a steady stream of art by women. P.L. Henderson posts a nice mix of historical and contemporary art, which I particularly enjoy.

The National Museum of Women in the Arts posts a steady stream of art by women on Instagram. Their Can You Name Five Women Artists? campaign seeks to focus on women in the arts, across all social media.

And here are some of the women artists I follow…

On Instagram:
Jane Spakowsky
Nana Williams
Willow Vielguth
Bisa Butler
Ashley Luka
Gwen Seemel
Kim Carothers
Jessica Joslin

On Facebook:
Julie DeRosa
Jennifer Gillooly Cahoon
Su Griggs Allen
Christine Harris
Jenn Musatto
Amanda Louise Spayd

March 8, 2018

Mixed Media Club Supports Women

Today, I read a post from longtime inspiration, Amanda Palmer, in which she asked herself how her choices were supporting other women.

As usual, it made me wonder the same thing. What choices do I make that actively support other women?

Well, one of the choices I make regularly is which artist to write about today. In the past, I’ve rarely taken note of the gender of the artists I choose, beyond making sure that their pronoun matches the one they use on their web site.

Going forward, I am going to take note of gender, and am going to focus my links, profiles and video choices on art created by women.

That’s it. The future of Mixed Media Club is female.