If you’re looking for ways to build layers effectively, you’ve come to the right place! On this page, I’ve linked all the lessons on various media I layer in my work. You can mix and match these items, to build your own backgrounds and even complete mixed-media pieces.

Why Build Layers?

Many mixed-media artists find the idea of layering puzzling. One of the students in my online classes recently commented that she didn’t quite understand the concept of applying something, and then covering it up. Building effective layers is like stacking pieces of sheer fabrics: in some places, you can see through to the bottom layer, while in others, you might only see the very top layer. One common way of referring to this effect is “lost and found”. You may lose some layers in one area of a piece, but find them again in another. This builds visual interest, depth, and complexity. Layers make your work more interesting!

The Lessons

Each of these topics links to a lesson. Some lessons contain videos, and some contain example photos, illustrating the layering techniques, and how they might be used in your work.

Don’t feel constrained by the order of these lessons. You can mix and match the ones you like, to create your own method of layer building, in an order that works for you.

Individual Layering Techniques

Layering Combinations

Valentine Postcard Layering Lessons