I can’t possibly put everything there is to know about paint in mixed-media work into one page. Instead, this page will give you a quick rundown on different grades of paint, and a crash course in making your own glazes.

On the left, Plaid FolkArt craft acrylic paint in yellow ochre. On the right, Golden glaze in yellow ochre.

On the left, glaze made from Plaid FolkArt craft acrylic in yellow ochre, and liquid matte medium. On the right the same glaze, dabbed with undiluted paint leftover from making the glaze.

This is one of my favorite things to do with glaze: these are modern map pages and ledger sheets, aged with a layer of burnt sienna glaze. The glaze knocks the color right down, and shifts the pages to a sort of grungy/vintage version.

Paint Applicators

So, now that you know everything about paint and glaze, let’s talk about some different ways to apply it to the page.

On the left, yellow dry brushed base coat, orange dry brushed top coat. On the right, yellow base coat applied with a makeup sponge, orange brayered top coat.


On the left, orange paint brayered onto waxed paper, and pressed onto the page. On the right the same effect with a yellow glaze top coat.


Slate glaze applied with a damp sea sponge over gesso.

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