I made these postcards by drawing a design, transferring it to fabric, and coloring it with crayons. Here’s how they went together:

A few tips:

  • The pen I used was a Pigma Micron 08. Any permanent pen that doesn’t bleed will work.
  • I used plain old Crayola crayons to do this. There’s no need to buy the crayons designed for fabric if the finished piece will not be washed. The color of the crayon does dull just a bit when it’s ironed.
  • The fabric I used was unbleached muslin. It’s lightweight and inexpensive, and takes color well.
  • This technique really only works on light colored fabric.
  • Remember to always cover your work surface and iron whenever you press anything that has been colored, or anything that has Heat n Bond on it. Sandwich your piece between paper or paper towels, which can be disposed if they get wax or adhesive on them.

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