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It's time for a new swap! This time around, we're swapping sets of pages for mini journals.

This swap has some very specific requirements that must be followed, to ensure that everyone ends up with pages that are the same size. Please read the whole page, watch the video, and make sure you understand what you're getting yourself into, before you sign up.

If you're new to swapping at Mixed Media Club, you should probably read How To Be a Good Swapper, to be sure we're both on the same page. 

And as always, this swap is limited to those with mailing addresses in the United States only.

How This Works

Send me a plain 6 x 9 inch envelope containing the following:

  • THREE mini journal signatures, each made and decorated according to the instructions in the video. Each signature should have your name on the first single, blank page.
  • A self-addressed 6 x 9 inch envelope.
  • Four dollars, for postage.
  • A signed release form. This is optional, and will be explained in the welcome email.

Swap packages must arrive before May 4th, 2018. Packages that arrive after that date will be returned to the sender, unswapped.

Once I receive all the journal signatures, I'll swap them out. Then I'll slip signatures from three other artists into your self-addressed envelope, and send them to you in the mail. You can use those signatures, plus one you've made for yourself, to make a mini journal.

I put together this video, showing exactly what to send:

  • Instructions for making the finished mini journal are here.
  • Instructions for various methods of sealing your work, so it won't stick together, are here.
  • Speed through videos of my two sets of decorated pages are here and here.

Packages Received

I have received correctly submitted swap packages from the following people:

Esta Berman-Price
Carolyn Huber
Dena Bliss
Sandra Walker
Susan Adamek
Susan Wilken
Betsy Langley
Linda Taylor
Sandi Mueller
Amy O'Brien
Margaret Richardson
Amy Garner
Debbie Rusonis

Great job so far, everyone! Thanks for following the instructions.

Please remember that I am picking packages up from the PO box once a week, so there may be a delay between its arrival at the post office, and its arrival in my hands.

Questions & Answers

Do I mail to one person, or many people?
All three of your signatures are mailed to me in one envelope, and I’ll mail three back to you in the self-addressed envelope you include in your swap package. I do this to ensure you’re not sending stuff to someone who doesn’t send you anything back.

Is this swap US only?
YES. Sorry, but I’m no longer accepting participants who live outside the United States.

Where do I send my swap package?
That information is in the welcome email, sent out to approved participants. Do not post comments on this page asking for the mailing address, or try to obtain it through other means. I’ve had a couple of people try to weasel their way into swaps by snagging my mailing address elsewhere. Don’t do it! Your swap package will be returned to you, unswapped, and your name with go on my bad swappers list, making you ineligible to swap at Mixed Media Club again.

I signed up. Why didn’t I receive the swap’s welcome email?
Only people who use the correct sign up form (NOT the tab on the side, but the form embedded in this page) and are accepted to swap will receive the email. If you didn’t receive it, you A) used the wrong form to sign up, or B) are on my bad swapper list from a previous swap, or C) sent in a request after all the open spots were filled.

What size are the pages?
I say it in the video, and show you how to construct them, but here it is written out:

  • Start with 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock, white or colored.
  • Cut the sheets in half lengthwise, to create 4 strips that are 4.25 x 11 inches.
  • Fold each strip in half, and then fold the ends to the folded edge, to create four sections.
  • Glue the second and third section together, back to back.

You should end up with a signature that has two sets of pages to decorate, plus a front and back page that will remain undecorated.

Do all my signatures have to be decorated the same?
NO. Designer’s choice. Decorate each set of pages as you wish. Just make sure you send in your very best work, that your pages are all the correct size, and that they’re sealed in a way that prevents them from sticking together.

Can I use watercolor paper instead of cardstock?
NO. Please use cardstock. Using watercolor paper will make your signatures too bulky.

Can I embellish my pages with ribbon, yarn, buttons, or other dimensional items?
NO. Please create pages that are flat, rather than dimensional.

2 thoughts on “Mini Journal Page Swap

  1. Sad envelope must have opened in transit and only one of the mini books made it to my house safely. However, I absolutely love the one I did receive.

    1. Esta, I’m so sorry your returns didn’t make it to you intact. I taped those envelopes that seemed to need it.

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