One of my favorite things to do in altered books is creating niches: small open sections, to hold goodies that take up too much space to be applied flat. For these pages, I created small, round niches to hold herbs:


Cutting niches with a craft knife can be hard on the hands, so I did these with a round paper punch. This first video shows how I set up the page block, and punched niches for both pages at once:

This second video shows how I put the net into the front sides of the niches, filled them with herbs, and sealed the page block closed, giving it a clean finish:

I opted to do very shallow niches, but this punched technique can be used to create deep ones, as well. Using a round punch is easiest in terms of getting everything lined up easily, but other shapes can be used. Just be sure to keep your punch at the same angle, and take time to line it up each time you punch a new set of pages.

1 thought on “Small Punched Niches in Altered Books

  1. Thank you, Lisa. I’ve been working outside getting my northern garden ready and this was a nice reintroduction to working with altered books.

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