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In conjunction with my upcoming book on glued things, this is a swap for gluecards.

What’s a gluecard? It’s a postcard that’s created like a gluebook page. Sort of a little magazine collage to go. The focus is what can be done with magazines and junk mail, and not on products like rubber stamps, stickers, and paints. Read more about gluebooks here.

Remember to read What is a Postcard? first, to ensure that what you design is acceptable to the post office, and will arrive at its destination in good shape.

Please note: this swap is limited to those with mailing addresses in the United States only.

How This Works

Send me an envelope containing the following:

  • THREE handmade gluecards with your original, FLAT magazine collage art on the front, and a little hand-written, personal message on the left side of the back. Before making your cards, you should read What is a Postcard?, to be sure we’re all on the same page.
  • THREE small address labels with your mailing address on them.
  • THREE First Class US stamps, NOT attached to the postcards.
  • A signed release form. More about this will be included in the welcome email you receive after you sign up.

Swap packages must arrive before June 15th, 2019. Packages that arrive after that date will be returned to the sender, unswapped.

Once I receive all the gluecards, I’ll swap them out. Then I’ll put your address labels and stamps on them, and send them to you in the mail. Assuming the Postal Gods are kind, you will receive three postally used cards with messages on them in the mail.

Package Received

I’ve received swap packages from the following participants:

Joey Patrickt
Valeria Edwards
Deborah Ernhardt
Margaret Richardson
Susan Wilken
Amy Jo Garner
Betsy Langley
Amy O’Brien
Leslie Trippy
Karla Sparger
Jennifer Qualls
Valerie Orner
Saundra Burleson
Mary Pendergrass

(Please remember that your packages are going to a post office box, which I only check once a week.)

Questions & Answers

Do I mail to one person, or many people?
All three of your cards are mailed to me in one envelope, and I’ll remail them individually, using stamps and mailing labels. The mailing info is in the welcome message you’ll receive after you request a spot, and are accepted into the swap.

Why do I have to send you First Class stamps instead of postcard stamps?
Because most handmade cards are too thick to be sent using postcard stamps, and I really don’t want your cards to arrive postage due.

Is this swap US only?
Yes. Sorry, but I’m no longer accepting participants who live outside the United States.

Where do I send my swap package?
That information is in the welcome email, sent out to approved participants. Do not post comments on this page asking for the mailing address, or try to obtain it through other means. I’ve had a couple of people try to weasel their way into swaps by snagging my mailing address elsewhere. Don’t do it! Your package will be returned to you, unswapped, and your name with go on my bad swappers list, making you ineligible to swap at Mixed Media Club again.

I signed up. Why didn’t I receive the swap’s welcome email?
Only people who use the correct sign up form  and are accepted to swap will receive the email. If you didn’t receive it, you A) used the wrong form to sign up, or B) are on my bad swapper list from a previous swap, or C) sent in a request after all the open spots were filled.

Should I put my name, or my return address, on the left side of my cards?
You can put whatever information you like on the message side of the back, as long as it’s hand-written and personal, rather than promotional. If you want to include your name, that’s fine. If you want to include your return address, make sure it’s small, so it won’t be confused with the mailing address I add to the right side, before I mail it out.

Please do not use this swap purely as a promotional tool. Do not advertise your various social media accounts or online shops in your message. Nobody wants to receive advertising in the mail!

Do all my cards have to be the same design?
There’s always at least one person who asks this. Unless the project description says otherwise, it doesn’t matter whether your cards are all the same design, or all different. What matters is that they’re postcards, and flat, and conform to whatever swap requirements are listed.

Can I use watercolor paper to make my postcards?
Yep. That’s what I use to make many of mine. You can also use multiple layers of index cards (I glue two together, art it up, and then glue a third to the back when I’m done), old cereal boxes, or chipboard. Make sure whatever you use is sturdy enough to go through the mail, but not too thick.

Can I embellish my postcards with ribbon, yarn, buttons, or other dimensional items?
NO. This is not a greeting card swap. It’s for postcards. Postcards are FLAT. Your postcards must be flat enough to be sent through the postal machines as postcards. If your postcards are not flat, they will be returned to you, unswapped.

Can I send my cards in individual cello envelopes?
NO. This swap is for gluecards to be mailed as postcards. It is not for postcards to be mailed in envelopes of any kind. If you send me cards in individual cello (or any other type) envelopes, I will either remove them, or, if they cannot be mailed safely without the envelope, return them to you unswapped. Save us both a headache, and make FLAT postcards that can be mailed as postcards!

What should the back of my cards look like?

For this swap, your postcard back should follow this format.
For this swap, your postcard back should follow this format.

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